Interpretação de cartum em inglês (UF-MS)

(UF-MS) A partir do cartoon, assinale a (s) alternativa (s) correta (s).

01. The woman is sure that her husband will be successful in his job.
02. The woman is sure that her husband won't be successful in his job.
04. The woman's husband is a good plumber.
08. The woman doesn't believe in his husband's ability as a plumber.
16. The woman will call a plumber because her husband won't succeed in doing his job.

Avaliação sobre present perfect com interpretação de texto (ensino médio)


On the 5th of October, 1962, the record market announced a new rock'n'roll compact for sale. The band was unknown. It was formed by four simple boys from Liverpool, an industrial city in England. 
Loud, irreverent and exciting, the group seemed to offer a world of inspiring new possibilities to young people. They were very charismatic. 
In 1963, only one year after their first recording (Love me do), the Beatles were preparing to go to other countries in Europe and North America. 
The Beatles have definitely been a landmark for a freer generation of young people and, directly or indirectly, they have influenced nowadays culture. It was, for example, after the Beatles that the great barrier between the sexes started to be broken. Men started to wear more expressive clothes, like flowered shirts, bell-bottom trousers and long hair. 
The Beatles have never accepted prescribed directions and they have ultimately helped people to "find themselves" as individuais. Throughout their career they remained non-conformists, different from one another and from anyone else - their sound, their appearance and their free attitude towards life show it. 
Do you realize that the Beatles have also influenced you

Biografia em inglês - Justin Bieber (simple past)


Complete the story with verbs in the past.

Justin Bieber ____________(be) born in 1994, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada. As a child, He ________(have) a lot of interest on music. He ____________(begin) to perform when he _________(be) 12 . He _________(enter) to a local talent competition, and he ________(be) placed second.  He _________(get) the opportunity of posting his performances in YouTube.
The videos soon ________(build) up a fan following, and ___________(catch) the attention of talent agent Scooter Braun. Braun ______(be) able to secure an audition with Usher Raymond, who _____(be) impressed and ________(help) Bieber to sign a record deal. His first single "One Time", _______(be) a worldwide hit. This was _________(follow) by Bieber's debut  album, "My World", which _______(be) an international smash. He also ___________(release) a successful concert film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in 2011. 
Bieber ________(try) his hand at acting. He ________(play ) a young killer in an episode of "C.S.I." in 2000. He has a large and loyal fanbase, who are said to have 'Bieber Fever' and are nicknamed 'Bielbers'. Bieber continues with a hugely successful music career