Resenha crítica em inglês - Divergent (exercícios)

Divergent by Veronica Roth - review
Tuesday 15 July 2014 15.00 BST

Divergent is about a girl called Tris. She lives in a world which has a divided society. Tris doesn't fit in to any of the societies, she is different. She is forced to live a life she doesn't want. She wants to find where she belongs, so she leaves her family behind and ventures out alone. However, she finds herself in a brutal new life where she can trust nobody. 
The book is very intriguing from the very start to the end. Many people say it is just like The Hunger Games, but I have read and enjoyed both books and I can tell you they are very different. 
I would recommend this book to people who enjoy adventure books and love books like The Hunger Games. 

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Leitura em inglês (texto curto) What is a digital detox? (9ºano e 1ºano EM)

What is a digital detox? 

A digital detox is switching off all mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers for a certain length of time. This enables you to spend screen-free time doing whatever you enjoy. A digital detox is also a chance to recharge and rest. 
A digital detox should ideally be around 24 hours long as a minimum. It can be 72 hours or more if you want to build up to that. 

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What's the Future of English? - Reading comprehension (vestibular)

Read the text below and do exercises 1-4. 

What's the Future of English? 
A language's development reflects the power of those who speak it 

So how exactly did that happen? How did English grow so quickly and seemingly so unexpectedly? According to Crystal, in spite of the widespread notion that this is due, at least in part, to the fact that it is an easy language to learn, 'without any grammar', as some people have said, there is something much deeper behind the exponential growth of English as a global language. Crystal suggests that a language's development is a direct reflection of the power of those who speak it. From the beginnings of the British Empire, to the industrial revolution in Britain, which brought significant technological and scientific developments and a number of influential inventions from English-speaking inventors, through to the continued economic power of the 19th century and cultural power of the 20th century, English has maintained its edge. 

From: <>. Accessed in: May 2015. (fragment) 

Inglês para ensino fundamental 2 (atividades)

História 1: There are fireworks near Bianca's home. Bianca watches them with her parents. Bianca's parents like the blue and yellow fireworks. Bianca likes the red fireworks.

História 2: I'm Pedro. My favorite toy is my purple ball. It's my kitten's favorite toy, too. My kitten's name is Snow. We play with the ball together.


there are: têm
fireworks: fogos de artifício 
near: próximo
Bianca's home: casa da Bianca
watches them: assiste-os
with her parents: com os pais dela
Bianca's parents: os pais de Bianca
like: gostar

Atividades de inglês para 6ºano (aulas prontas)

As atividades são pensadas e elaboradas levando em consideração o contexto da sala de aula pública brasileira, a qual implica ao professor alguns desafios: pouquíssimos recursos, alunos desinteressados / desmotivados e com muitas dificuldades. 
As aulas são contextualizadas e todas elas possuem vocabulário em língua materna. 

Necessário uma aula se o conteúdo for impresso e duas se passado na lousa. 

1. Copie o texto e o vocabulário em seu caderno. 

My lego car

Step 1 - I make a box.
Step 2 - I make windows and doors.
Step 3 - I make the roof. 
Step 4 - I put four wheels on it. 
Step 5 - I make the lights.
Step 6 - I add a driver. 
Step 7 - I make a big garage.
Step 8 - I call Mum to have a look at it.
Step 9 - I am playing with my Lego car.
Step 10 - Brrrum! Brrrum! Beep! Beep!