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Avaliação sobre present perfect com interpretação de texto (ensino médio)


On the 5th of October, 1962, the record market announced a new rock'n'roll compact for sale. The band was unknown. It was formed by four simple boys from Liverpool, an industrial city in England. 
Loud, irreverent and exciting, the group seemed to offer a world of inspiring new possibilities to young people. They were very charismatic. 
In 1963, only one year after their first recording (Love me do), the Beatles were preparing to go to other countries in Europe and North America. 
The Beatles have definitely been a landmark for a freer generation of young people and, directly or indirectly, they have influenced nowadays culture. It was, for example, after the Beatles that the great barrier between the sexes started to be broken. Men started to wear more expressive clothes, like flowered shirts, bell-bottom trousers and long hair. 
The Beatles have never accepted prescribed directions and they have ultimately helped people to "find themselves" as individuais. Throughout their career they remained non-conformists, different from one another and from anyone else - their sound, their appearance and their free attitude towards life show it. 
Do you realize that the Beatles have also influenced you

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Biografia em inglês - Justin Bieber (simple past)


Complete the story with verbs in the past.

Atividades com tirinhas do Garfield em inglês

1. Check the best alternatives to answer the questions about the comic strip. 

Clique na imagem para ampliar 
a) Which part of sentence from the comic strip makes us believe that Jon is going to read a fairy tale aloud? 
[   ] "This sounds familiar" 
[   ] "Once upon a time there was... " 
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